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Links on this page provide an introduction to didgeridoo web sites and web resources.

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Didgeridoos - Sound Healing

The Integratron - Acoustically Perfect Sound
The Integratron was a venue for 4 years for the Didgeridoo Festival, even hosting the beautiful, aboriginal "Keepers of the Didge" brought here by Grahm and Trish Doe for the festival. We love the didge and enjoy hosting didj events!

Didgeridus - Didjeridu Miscellany - Didje Mania!

A Swedish language web site about Australia, Australian Aboriginal culture and didgeridoos. Lots of information and features to explore in this nicely-designed site

Beginner's Heart
A huge didgeridoo site compiled and maintained by Ed Drury, Oregon-based didjeridu player, teacher and webmaster. A must for didj heads!

Didgeridoo Allgemein
Didgeridoo Forum in german language

Didgeridoo Tribe Players Community
Full featured didgeridoo players community site for articles, resources, forums, profiles, email, music downloads and more.

Heaps of links and info about didjes and didj events. Loads of international links, worth having a look at.

KoSA international percussion workshop
Annual workshop & festival-week long in mid-summer. Hands on intensive workshop in all percussion areas with the biggest artists, at Castleton State College, Vermont, USA.

Listen to my Didgeridoo
A Dutch didgeridoo site with lots of info about Didges, photos of the Sfinks Workshop 1999, held in Belgium, other didge activities, info about Didge CD's etc

Remega personal homepage
Another didjeridoo web site from Holland - this one, in Dutch language, is a personal web site by an enthusiastic didjeridu fan. Didgeridoo lessons, info and aboriginal paintings
Web site's language: Dutch; Flemish

Didgeridoos: Learn to Play and Circular Breathing

Australian Didgeridoo
Nicely-designed pages on ancient indigenous culture, how to play the didgeridoo, didj books and CDs, how to make didgeridoos, bush heritage, bush tucker, birds and animals of the Australian continent and more

Didjeridu Tutorial - Harmonics
A text-only tutorial buy the same author

Learn to Play the Didjeridu
A text-only tutorial by Mike Webster

Learn to Play the Didjeridu with Ed Drury
Booklet and tape cassette by Ed Drury

More Didj Links

CSIRO Termite information
Information about termites.

De Didje Beginners Gids
Another attractive didgeridoo site - mainly in the Dutch language.

Didgeridoo back to the roots - Bookmarks
German language site with German and worldwide links

Didjeridu Related Links
A large collection of well-maintained links about didjeridoos by Ed Drury, organised into sections which include: Players, Articles, Stores, Instruction, Ethnomusicology, Making Didjeridus, Gatherings and Ensembles.

France Didgeridoo
It's very good forum for players
Web site's language: French

PVC Didge-Making and Bamboo & Teak Didge-Modification
This page is dedicated to all didgeridoo enthusiasts who would like to try their hand at creating a PVC or plastic pipe didge or would like to modify their bamboo and/or teak wood didgeridoo to sound more like a eucalyptus didgeridoo.

The Worldwide Didgeridoo Webring
Very comprehensive Links to Didgeridu sites

Didgeridoo Music

Didgeridoo Music from around the World
Three unique didgeridoo music compilations available on CD - and you can customise your own CDs. Very cool!

Indigenous Australia Worldwide
Go here to find some great didj music. You can listen to samples of the CD`s for sale. There is also an interactive virtual didj section.

Music Australia
Online Australian Music.

The Didgeridoo Page
Links to didjeridu music and musicians

Tree Weaver Sound
A didgeridoo adventure novel, complete with CD musical soundtrack... Tree Weaver Sound is about environmental revolution in a time of great need.

Didjeridoo Players and Teachers

Andy Graham's One Man Band
Web site of a multi-talented American musician who always seems to pack a few didjes for his show!

Didgeridoo and Meditation
An interesting page with sound samples of meditative didj playing

Become part of The Didjshop

Dr Didg
Dr. Didg, a UK based trio led by physicist Dr. Graham Wiggins (Dr Didg is a nickname coined while Graham tested didgeridoos in the physics lab). Graham has studied the instrument with native peoples and written extensively on the physics of its sound. The band's music was described by 'Pulse' as "didgeridoo wizardy".

Solo music project of Michael Martin based in Cape Town, South Africa. Evocative electronica infused with organic soundscapes. Unique blend of styles incorporating live slide didgeridoo fused with downbeat, psybient, chillout, IDM, world fusion, psychedelic dance and progressive dance music.

Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditations

Circle of Sound
The Circle of Sound is a blend of human voices, crystal singing bowls, didgeridoos, native flutes, and other instruments to manifest a balancing environment of Peace, Harmony and Well Being. Join the Circle - Share the Sound.

Earth Heal - Geoharmonic Research Project
The Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project facilitates regular group distant healing events, offers personal treatments, animal healing, space and business clearing, courses and workshops, and independent research in the field of personal and planetary healing.

Earth Heal - Personal and planetary healing work, training and research
The Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project provides distant healing work to people, animals, groups, buildings, areas of land and water, and the collective energy field shared by all.

Tjapukai Creations
Alles über Didgeridoo, Didge und Yidaki, Workshop und Unterricht, Verkauf und Service von Didgeridoos und Yidakis
Web site's language: German

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